Welcome MIX 2010 attendees! We are proud to announce the Technology Preview of v2 of our web page widget and APIs, and excited to offer you an exclusive invitation to try them out first.
Microsoft Translator web page widget v2
Combine Microsoft’s translation technology with the power of your community to reach a worldwide audience. In addition to bringing real-time, in-place translations to your web site, the Microsoft Translator web page widget v2 adds collaborative features that help tailor the translations delivered to fit your site.
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Microsoft Translator API v2
In addition to the community powered Microsoft Translator widget, you can also use our APIs – available in SOAP, HTTP and AJAX. v2 of the APIs add exciting new features that allow you to tap into the community to request or submit alternate translations, bulk translate using a batch interface, call the API securely over HTTPS and "speak" the translation in the user's native language.
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Interactive SDK
Read the full announcement and follow further news on our blog. Learn more about how to use the widget or APIs, get help or interact with others at the user and developer forums. Explore other user and developer offerings powered by Microsoft Translator.